Episode 005 - Serina Holmstrom - Eco Thrive

In this episode, we talk with Serina Holmstrom about her newest project, ecoThrive. We also get into the issues surrounding homelessness in Seattle, ways to stay zen, and the importance of Whiskey.


Serina Holmstrom spent five years as a counselor for at-risk youth and families before pursuing residential interior design. Serina brings her passion for social justice, background in direct service and aesthetic gifts to create community-designed spaces that balance beauty and function by serving as a cofounding board member of the new nonprofit, EcoThrive Housing. Her work in building Resilient Villages began with homeless art outreach and making meals for the transitional tiny housing villages newly implemented by the City of Seattle. Along with many others, she is working on meal distribution to homeless encampments and unhoused neighbors.

She supports Rainier Beach High School as a mentor to the Housing and Gentrification student group and Washington Building Leaders of Change (WA-BLOC), a program providing year-round culturally infused learning, leadership and social action for scholars K-12 in South Seattle.

In addition to endlessly drawing dream treehouses, Serina is working on a television series adaptation of the female spy novel, The Oracle Glass, about an underground network of women revolutionaries in 17th century Paris. This is her second year judging for the Social Justice Film Festival.


A resilient housing project in Seattle, Washington hoping to provide affordable, permanent, atheistically pleasing, housing for homeless or transitional persons that is also self - sustaining.





ONE CLICK WONDER - Support economic opportunity for hardworking vendors by purchasing and reading your local street newspaper. In Seattle, it’s Real Change News, in Austin, The Challenger, Street Sheet in San Francisco, The Big Issue is based in the UK but distributed internationally.

TUB THUMPER - Attend a workshop or event led by the anti-racist organizing group, People’s Institute.  http://www.pisab.org

SUPER SOLDIER - Volunteer at your local food bank. Just type in “Food bank” + your zip code into your search engine

KEEP THE CHANGE - ”We sacrificed our land to make the City of Seattle a beautiful reality. We are still waiting for our justice” - Cecile Hansen, Chairwoman of the Duwamish Tribe.  Real Rent Duwamish is a program to provide reoccurring monthly donation to the tribe as a way of serving long-awaited justice. Donate to your local tribe.


Children’s Defense Freedom Schools puts on programs almost everywhere in the United States. Either seek out your local chapter or donate online.


If you want to see what Serina’s art collective is up to you can go to lovewinslove.com

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Crystal Munson