About The Ladies

Debbie and Crystal met in the summer of 2009 on a Grape Nuts commercial shoot.  We shared a production trailer and a love of chocolate and the rest is history.  Within a year, we were living in the same building in Los Angeles and spending many nights chatting about the world over chai lattes at Baba Ghanooj and whiskey at Boardners. When Trump was elected, we both felt an intense calling to create something that could counterbalance America’s tilt towards fear and negativity.  Through casual conversation, the idea of a podcast emerged. DC Podcats was born out of the necessity to feel like we are making a difference in the world and contributing to the greater good.  We have no idea where this new adventure will take us, but we hope you join us and utilize the tools we provide to engage in your own communities or on the global stage.


DC = Debbie & Crystal. Worked out nicely, don’t you think?  We both have been adopted by cats.  Rumble, to whom Crystal belongs, has traveled to all 50 continental states in America...in a car….he’s the best.  And Debbie was adopted by Majnouneh,  a stray street kitty, while living in Jordan.

And Debbie has a habit of typing too fast (Podcast….Podcats).  Enough said.


Debbie never had politics or political activism on her radar.  At least in terms of a profession or calling.  As a child, her biggest dream was to be a Goonie or Princess Leia, but when those options didn’t pan out, film seemed like the next logical step.  Like many a wandering soul, she came to Los Angeles in search of many things - schooling and a film career to name a few.  After graduating from USC with a degree in film production, studio work took her to such far flung places as Mexico, Namibia, Jordan, Canada and Cambodia.  It was through her travels that she began to understand - people are more alike than they are different.  Several years later, after bouncing around the world on numerous jobs for numerous studios, she began to settle down back in Los Angeles and think about the direction of her life and what to do next.  

Then the election happened.

Hillary’s defeat felt personal as it surely did for many women.  This seemed to be the moment, the moment when women would finally break the highest and the last glass ceiling… and then that moment was so cruelly snatched away.  As it was echoed to her by so many female friends in endless conversations after November 2016, women were angry, upset, confused and feeling defeated.  This couldn’t end this way, could it?

And then, like the mighty chorus of Whos who raised their voices in unison when Christmas had been stolen by the Grinch, a steady rumble began to build.  The Women’s March.  The sheer number of newly formed activist groups.  The people inspired to run for office for the first time.  A new wave of political activism was raising.  Are we entering a new era of political activism as vibrant as that of the 60s?  Only time will tell.  But this felt like a moment in time when sitting on the sidelines would not, could not, be an option.

Debbie still hopes to see the first female President of the United States inaugurated during her lifetime.  If through her production and storytelling skills, Debbie can inspire someone get to the White House, she’ll be pretty damn happy.


Crystal recently spent three years homeless, by choice, living out of her car and hotel rooms, while traveling this great country with her best fur buddy, Rumble, the most well traveled cat you will probably ever know. She was able to see the beauty, sorrow, hope, injustice, and perseverance this country is made up of and uses this first hand experience to inform her political opinions and her view of the world.  

She was raised in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, is a former Angeleno, and is currently a proud Austinite. Her childhood in Northern Virginia and DC may be the root cause for her love of politics. While other girls wanted to be a veterinarian, nurse, or princess, she wanted to be the first female president. She had every intention of going into the political field and just before she graduated from James Madison University with a Public Administration degree, Bush was re-elected.  In good ‘ole twenty-something form, she dropped her studies out of disgust for humanity (oh, if she only knew then what was to come!), packed away the passion for political life, and completed her BA in Theatre and Dance at JMU. It would only be when Barack Obama was elected into office in 2008 that her love for politics would start to stir again. The interest resembled a hobby and as the 8 year Obama term continued on, she became complacent. Instead of paying attention to the important matters of the world that affects our everyday life, she focused on a career in theatre and film, hoping to make a difference in the world through art by working on life changing movies such as Battleship, Last Witch Hunter, Godzilla, and XXX….you can IMDB her for other ground breaking titles.

In 2016, as the endless number of Republican candidates marched onto the debate stage, her spidey sense tingled and she knew the world was about to change. Trump was elected and the political beast within her could no longer be contained. She has now fully committed herself to never being complacent again and considers it a civic duty to stay informed and talk to anyone that will listen about politics, the problems with mass media, and the irresponsible usage of social media.  Being an American citizen requires participation. May we never take our freedoms and rights, or our duty to be an engaged citizen, for granted again.